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About A.I.M.S

When established back in the mid to late 1990's, we like others were well blessed with sufficient work from local manufacturing, such as car/steel manufacturing, agricultural, construction plant manufacturers, all within a 25-mile radius of our location here in the West Midlands.

But with the demise of these businesses, we found ourselves having to re-group and diversify. This initially led us to nationwide live machinery auctions.


Having proved ourselves with onsite machinery removals, we were fortunate to established working relationships with a number of specialised Machinery Auctioneers, roll on twenty years we still to this day remain listed on their websites as preferred machine movers/providers. 

By the time auctions moved to the World Wide Web, we had established a decent sized client bank, with end users and machine tool dealers alike, which supported us, as the growth of the overseas market of customers developed through the online auction websites.

As time progressed we approached and were introduced to a number of Insolvency Practitioners, together with leading UK Asset Finance institutions, with whom we hold contracts for machinery supply / removals.

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