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Factory Relocation
Factory Relocation
CNC Machine Movement
CNC Machine

We acknowledge moving premises is a stressful process in so many ways, with machinery relocation being just one.

Our aim is to assist from start to finish to ensure a smooth transition, to timescales with the least amount of production downtime.

With our experience of completing so many over the years, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements, sharing our experience to highlight and resolve any potential issues at the planning stage.

Machinery Auction Sales
Marchinery Auctions
European Services

We have established good links with leading machinery auctioneers over many years. Providing various services to both the Auction House and Buyers.

From full factory clearances as Sole Contractors to individual machines as preferred machine movers, with listings on their websites.

Worldwide Containerisation & Ocean Freight
Worldwide Containerisation

For the remainder of the World we provide Shipping Services by way of Containers from Standard General Purpose GP - Open Top OT - High Cube HC - Flat Rack FR Containers, including Ro Ro services.
We will provide quotations for the whole process of Machinery Preparation, Moving, Loading, Securing by means of Cargo Straps with ISPM15 Compliant Timber Blocking & Bracing & Shipping to your desired Port, suppling Bills of Lading BOL - Packing Lists - Vessel ETD & ETA Details.

Other Services

  • Internal Cell Movements

  • Import / Export Documentation

  • Risk Assessments

  • Method Statements & Insurances

  • Qualified Licensed Operatives

  • Foundation Works

  • Rough & Final Levelling.

Although we move all manner of machinery, when it comes to CNC machines additional attention to detail is required.

Given the number of various types & different Manufacturers of these machines worldwide, it's fair to say that they all operate in a basic similar fashion, whether it's the more common three or multi Axis type of machine. 
When it comes to movement if damage is to occur it's more likely during the loading, transportation or offloading procedures.

With the fineness of the Lead / Ball Screws, it's essential that all Axis's are positioned & secured from the outset to prevent movement and therefore damage. Sadly with most used machines, it is unlikely that the transit brackets etc remain with the machine, therefore it is essential that knowledge is on hand to be able to improvise and secure.

European Services

Our team travel to many countries within Europe to either collect or reinstall machinery.

Offering all types of Trailer transportation throughout Europe & beyond from Heavy Loads, Standard & Out of Gauge (OOG) for machinery delivery.

Providing all required Brexit - Exit / Entry Documentation, Packing Lists, Proof of Delivery etc.


You decide the level of protection required for your machinery.

From either  - Basic Plastic Wrapping - Shrink Wrapping - Plastic or Canvas Sheeting - Wooden Stillage - Crate - Fully Lined Water Resistant Casing.  ISPM15 Compliant Timber is used with all timber products.

For enquiries call our office:

01384 350 517

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